Jan 4, 2018

The personal relationship about pilots

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For pilots, marriage can be complicated. Because of their work, it is very difficult to make progress in interpersonal relationships. But pilots are a great job and more than just sitting behind the desk.

However, this job is also full of challenges; it is hard for your friends or even your family to understand what you are experiencing during training and work. Fly around the world and it is also a difficult matter to relax with colleagues drinking at the bar.

Why does their schedules always have to be complicated. For outsiders, it is hard to understand what the pilot has actually experienced. It is difficult to understand for those who do not live in an airline. Outsiders always think that when pilots leave, they are on vacation and partying. For others, it is difficult to express the fatigue and challenges of pilots, especially wives and parents. Resting in a small hotel or sleeping bag does not feel as good. What pilots can do is to be passionate about their work, which is already part of their blood.

For those unlucky pilots, their relationship or marriage ends with one or more misconceptions at work. Some blame the harshness of the job, which is hard for non-pilots to understand. Those who try to get married tend to spend time explaining the ins and outs of a pilot's career. And left alone to deal with the challenge of raising a family.

"This is likely a major reason for pilot divorce — the lack of comprehension on what the job entails," a married first officer at a major airline says. "Your spouse doesn't want to hear you're having a good time on a trip while they're home dealing with a car problem, a sick kid or shoveling snow!" Maybe so, but spouses don't need to be protected from the daily lives of pilots. Although they try to explain their work, they try to get important people around them to understand what happens to each flight. This is a long-term educational process. Explain in detail the pilot's work experience, tests, tribulations and adventures by telling stories, giving your family and friends a window to the pilot's world.

Perhaps some pilots eventually failed to explain to their family that the hardships, difficulties and challenges of their job. They finally separated, but these are the life. Dreams and life is difficult to balance at the same time, eventually succumbing to life, or continue to chase the dream. This is a difficult choice for pilots.

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