Jan 25, 2018

What is the dating life of an airline pilot like?

Pilot dating life
pilots dating

If you have a good friend working as a first officer, you maybe know some interesting and insightful facts what the dating life of a single pilot or a cabin crew.

Many people think that:

  1. Pilots are always travel continuously to new place, so they can meet many new people and date many of them.
  2. Pilots are always considered smart, handsome and attractive, so people will fall in love with them easily.
  3. There are always some attractive cabin crew members stay with pilots, so pilots can have easy access.
  4. Pilots and cabin crew always stay in hotel together, so they have a huge chance of dating each other.

But actually happens:

  1. If a pilot is not flying, he must be sleeping that time. So they don’t have much time to meet new people and date them.
  2. For many pilots, flying is more of utility than luxury, hence they have hard working hours.
  3. Pilots always stay in company with attractive cabin crew members, but because of the strict work guidelines by airlines. So it is difficult for pilots to date with beautiful cabin crew when they are working.
  4. Pilots often fly the same route and have a fixed place which they operate, so they don’t travel to new places everyday.

For pilots, it is actually more difficult for them as they are. On the contrary of what people think, pilots are continuous on the move. Their schedule are always shifty according to requirement. They are always overworked and they always tend to miss the important events like birthday, anniversaries etc.

However at the end of the day, the dating life of a pilot is depends on individual person that how they manages the work and the holiday. As a result, the dating life of the pilots is not easy as your image. But it depends on what attitude to life.